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Who Hunts?

Why Should I Hunt?

When I can go to the market.

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Who is the Bodybuilder?

The bodybuilder is built for what?

What are they covering up?

Winter Sports Jokes For Kids

Listed below is a collection of funny Winter Sports sports jokes for kids and children of all ages. For a good laugh read some of our hilarious sport jokes now and send them to your friends.

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Badminton v Tennis

The restaraunt in the sports centre is just about to shut. The badminton player gets his post match sandwich and takes a seat opposite a tennis player. They soon strike up a conversation about their sports. As is usual with these conversations, the tennis player begins winding the badminton player up and says:

"Tennis is difficult and demanding. Your sport is a backyard sport. It's easy, people play it for fun. It's nothing like tennis.". The badminton player thinks about this and responds "No its very much like tennis. I''ll show you what I mean".

The badminton player gets up, walks over to the tennis player and hugs him. The tennis player smiles and asks "what did you do that for?"

The badminton player smiles. "See, that's "love all", we have love all in badminton too!"

"Ok, that's very nice, but it's still a backyard sport, so it's not like tennis"

The badminton player responds "Ok, you're not getting this. Look see that sign there, the restaraunt is now shut."

"Huh? What's the restaurant being shut got to do with anything?"

"That means the service is over, we have service over in badminton too!"

The tennis player chuckles "you have "love all" and "service over" but you're still a backyard sport. So you're not like tennis at all. "

The badminton player stands up. "Tell you what, I'll prove it to you, swap places with me."

The tennis player sighs and gets up, and takes the badminton players seat. The badminton player sits down and says "see what I mean?"

The tennis player shakes his head "no I don't"

"We just changed ends. We have to change ends in badminton too!"

The tennis player, now irritated with the conversation begins an attack on the badminton player. "Look, forget about "love all", "service over" and "change ends", badminton is a backyard sport, it's an easy game, people don't have to be fit, you can play outdoors. Tennis is a difficult proffessional sport. Badminton is nothing like tennis ok."

"Maybe it is then". The badminton player promptly gets up, walks over and kicks the tennis player between the legs.

The tennis player yelps in pain and rolls off the seat holding his crutch in agony. Rolling around he looks up at the badminton player and groans "arrrghh.. what did you do that for??"

The badminton player smiles sweetly and says, "Actually, you're right, badminton isn't like tennis. I just proved it" and starts walking off.

The tennis player still rolling on the floor groans and shouts after him "what??".

The badminton player gets to the door, turns round and shouts. "We don't need new balls in badminton!"

Added By: wimduc Date added: 08/08/2009

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