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Luis Suarez

What's Luis Suarez favorite food?


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Who shots Arrows?

The only one that shots arrows is an archer with poor aim. Good archers aim arrows. hahahahahaha

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Skateboarding Jokes

Listed below is a collection of Funny Skateboarding Sports Jokes, Jokes about Skateboarding. has a large funny joke collection sorted by sport category

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You know you are doing too much karate if....

You find yourself casually standing in a half cat stance.

You trip, go into a roll and come up in a fighting stance. In church.

You answer Ussss. To your boss.

You are introduced to someone and you bow to greet them.

You tie your bathrobe belt in a perfect knot; then check to make sure the ends are exactly even.

You accept change from the cashier using a knife hand with the thumb carefully tucked in.

When you're outside doing gardening you practice with all the neat 'weapons'.

You look for new accommodation based on the amount of practice space it provides (who needs a bedroom?).

You find yourself practicing bo techniques in miniature with your pencil during dull meetings.

You notice you never stand with your arms crossed or your hands in your pockets.

You find yourself practicing stances while standing in lines. Strangely, most people are standing cautiously far, far away from you.

You don't use any tools while splitting firewood.

Added By: palo84 Date added: 14/12/2009

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